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    Neighborhoods are our modern-day villages. They lack local resource management and social governance framework, systems and tools which would enable residents to feel empowered in meeting their basic human needs.

    The peer-to-peer design of distributed ledgers and smart contracts enables community-led solutions to revolutionize the activities of our daily lives.


    DeLife is creating a circular lifestyle paradigm though our Distributed Ledger Technology platform geared towards local resource management and social governance.

  • DLT Platform

    Distributed Technology platform for local resource management and social governance

    • Wallet
    • Microcredit
    • Energy & Food production
    • Disaster preparedness and recovery
    • Social governance, voting on local issues
  • Value Proposition

    A token-based circular lifestyle platform

  • Team Profiles

    We've got a world class team!

    Jan Gupta, MBA


    Jan is the visionary founder of DeLife, and a dynamic leader having spent 15 years unlocking $millions in dormant value for corporations including IBM, SGI, AMD, Cadbury's, and Starbucks by identifying asymmetrical opportunities and developing innovative teams and strategies for successful execution.


    Her lifelong personal and professional journey across the world has led her to a unique understanding of what it means to be human in this time of accelerating disruptions fueled by technological innovation and climate change.


    Jan is recognized in Canada as a financial coach, speaker and columnist who is passionate about working with communities towards self-empowerment in their lives.

    Marek Laskowski, Ph.D.

    Chief Blockchain Researcher, Co-founder

    Co-founder of the Blockchain Lab at the Schulich School of Business. Researcher for Blockchain Research institute. Blockchain Expert (UN/CEFACT).


    He is a leading researcher in the Blockchain space, is listed as Faculty on the Blockchain Research Institute website, and is a pioneer of “on-chain” analytics with high-fidelity Virtual and Augmented Reality visualization and knowledge translation. He is a consultant for Blockchain startups using Hyperledger and Ethereum, and has begun working with NIST on a blockchain standard for digital assets, as well as other efforts including cross-border business process standards with the United Nations CEFACT bureau.

    Jay Moore

    Marketing Advisor

    Jay Moore is the Alchemist of Fun. He is a massively parallel entrepreneur, human connector, and an industry insight merchant. He is a startup advisor focused on community branding, team building, and corporate development.

    In his 25+ years in games, Jay’s always tried to find the bloody edge where technology, talent, and emerging markets converge. Most known for being GarageGames’ chief evangelist, he helped propel the available sourcing of the first AAA game engine and igniting the Indie games movement.

    Jay believes the future is disrupted by the blockchain, empowered by AI, and driven by an economy based on reaching our full human potential. Sailing Hack. Vino Lover. Dog walker

    Jean-Christophe Finidori

    Advisor, Government and IGO Engagement

    Jean-Christophe holds an MSc in organizational behavior and a post-graduate degree in electronic media. A self-starter, backed by more than 20 years of experience on the Internet, he builds the narrative and collaborations around new technologies (from the Web 1.0 to the Decentralized Internet).
    A former UN international civil servant, he was until very recently part of the Dot Post team at UPU, a specialized UN agency; driving product development and technology capabilities, and the political and administrative stream, on a global scale. Previously, he worked on the new gTLD programme with ICANN, gaining experience in institutional arrangements governing digitalization.
    Jean-Christophe has a strong professional record in the Web industry; providing advisory services to support digital services, working with teams based globally. He is known for award-winning publications such as Marketing direct sur Internet (Direct Marketing on the Internet) and Lexique Internet (an Internet Glossary). He has been honoured by the Commercial Science Academy in France.

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